VPN.AC – VPN review

VPN.AC has been around since 2012 and has continually developed its network over the years. VPN.AC sets itself apart by positioning itself in the market as more than just a VPN – instead, it touts itself as an expert security program. Does its wealth of security experience make its VPN top of the market, though? We take a look into the pros and cons of this widely used and highly rated VPN.

Key Features

VPN.AC offers a solid, robust service with a proven top performance. Based in Romania, one main feature of VPN.AC is its advanced encryption which ranges from the default encryption of VPN.AC – OpenVPN ECC, to PPTP, OpenVPN XOR and many more. This allows users to choose their desired encryption for optimal speed and security.

VPN.AC can be used on a variety of platforms, including Windows, Mac IOS and Android with a simple download direct from the website which means that protection is just a few clicks away. You can connect up to six devices per subscription, with prices starting from just $3.75 per month.


Huge Bandwidth Availability
VPN.AC operates a large and speedy server network. It has concentrated on quality and has dedicated bare-metal servers across the globe. And despite the vast number of users each day, this high traffic doesn’t affect the speed or connections of users. Unlike many VPN competitors, which can drop connections when servers become overloaded, VPN.AC operates as usual and continues the same fast and secure connection.

Variety of Payment Options
VPN.AC accepts payment in a remarkable number of ways. Further supporting its secure and anonymous narrative, it accepts payment via Bitcoin and with more than 100 US gift cards. This makes it even easier for you to stay entirely nameless. VPN.AC also offers a 7-day money-back guarantee.

VPN.AC is based in Romania – so, it’s outside of the 14 Eyes alliance, and away from any neighbouring 14 Eyes countries. Data retention was officially declared as unconstitutional in the country back in 2014, so no data is kept at all. This puts you right into the palm of privacy.


Connection Logs
While VPN.AC is a secure and private solution, it has emerged that the company does keep connection logs. These logs are deleted daily, but the fact remains that they are recorded in the first place. According to VPN.AC, this recording is only in place to help identify potential attacks against its service. They’ve also stated that the logs are kept in a completely separate, encrypted server.


VPN.AC is a small-scale provider that doesn’t invest in tons of publicity, preferring its network to do the talking. This clever VPN offers advanced network capabilities and is backed not only by the foundations of security and anonymity that the software provides, but also by the in-depth security expertise of the team.