UltraVPN – VPN review

UltraVPN is a widely used VPN which has secure compatibility across a variety of operating systems from Windows Vista and up, as well as Mac/iOS.

Key Features

UltraVPN is affordable, featuring a free version as well as a Pro version, although the pricing structure is more complicated than most. One of the newer features from UltraVPN is a kill switch, so in the event of your connection being interrupted, you can quickly click out of the session, ending your usage and stopping traffic.

Once using UltraVPN, it’s possible to connect up to three devices at a time. The service supports several encryption options including OpenVPN, SSTP, L2TP, PPTP, IKEv2 and even AES-256, which is the same encryption used by the US military.

UltraVPN has a simple user interface making it a great choice for beginners, but with its UltraPro options, it’s also a great choice for veterans.


No Logging
UltraVPN has a zero logging policy, even saying „we don’t keep tabs on your online activities“ on its website – great to hear! Unfortunately, there were hardly any more details on this so we have no idea what the boundaries are on their no-logging policy.

Free option
If you’re looking for a low-cost VPN for occasional use, UltraVPN offers a free option. This can be used via the apps or on desktop.

Very fast
UltraVPN offers super-fast connections with no buffering or bandwidth caps. The UltraVPN network spans across 55 countries with more than 100 servers affording speed and convenience to a global network of users.

Works with Netflix
UltraVPN has its own dedicated Netflix viewing location, too, aptly named UltraFlix. Upon connection to this, users can connect and use the US version of Netflix. This works the same for YouTube. There are various UltraFlix locations throughout the world and the only failure we came across was on the UK location where we were unable to use the BBC iPlayer streaming service.


No Good for Users in China
Despite its 55-country network, UltraVPN does not work in China.

Variable Protection
If you are using UltraVPN in a 5 Eyes or 14 Eyes country, the protection will vary here in line with those alliances which means that your anonymity is no longer ensured.

Speed not Guaranteed
It has come to light across several tests that the super-fast speeds offered by UltraVPN are not guaranteed. There are a few servers on the network that run very slowly, severely affecting the connection speeds of those trying to use UltraVPN via these locations.


UltraVPN cements itself in the market as a super-fast, reliable VPN. It offers a pro version called UltraPro which, as the company puts it, is for ’serious internet users‘. There are more than 55 server locations and 100+ servers on the network. This enables simple location spoofing, and quick access to regional content. Although this is a relatively small server network, it would seem that UltraVPN has invested in the quality of its servers, rather than the number.