Perfect Privacy – VPN review

Perfect Privacy is regarded as one of the finest VPN services on the market. Its anonymity assurances are second-to-none and are widely used across the globe. However, with high promises and top-quality service comes a high price tag. So, is Perfect Privacy worth the investment?

Key Features

Perfect Privacy has stamped its own place in VPN history by being the first provider to offer self-configurable multi-hop VPN chains – more details below. On top of this, Perfect Privacy is continually making improvements. Just last year, it released its NeuroRouting feature – a traffic router that directs traffic across multiple hops in the network, resulting in maximum security levels. It also has its very own VPN ad blocker – TrackStop filter – which has been tested and hailed as one of the toughest blockers going. There will no doubt be more interesting updates to come.


No Logs
Perfect Privacy has designed its entire infrastructure around a security philosophy. It has cleverly created a foundation of strongly encrypted RAM disks, meaning it’s impossible for data to be stored onto hard drives. Perfect Privacy adamantly states that it doesn’t log any data.

TrackStop Filter
As touched on above, TrackStop filter is Perfect Privacy’s own creation. This robust bit of software is customisable and is a highly effective advert, malware and tracking blocker with the capability to block harmful sites at VPN server level. There is even an additional parental filter which can block adult content.

Multi-hop VPN Chains
This nifty feature is unique to the Perfect Privacy offering. This option will create a VPN cascade that will hop through up to four servers. These cascades are self-configurable, letting you create an option that’s optimal for your usage.

Unlimited Connections
Price aside, Perfect Privacy packs a punch when it comes to connections. Whereas most VPN services offer between 3-5 connections, Perfect Privacy offers unlimited connections, all for the same monthly cost.


High Cost
Perfect Privacy comes in at $8.95 per month on a 2-year plan, and up to $12.99 per month on a rolling contract. While the service itself is packed with features, it is possible to find similarly performing (or equally secure) services at a much cheaper price.

Complicated Interface
As expected, with such an in-depth range of security features and bags of technical jargon, there comes a complex user interface. It’s not that Perfect Privacy is fiendishly complicated, but it certainly isn’t beginner-friendly. Most options can be toggled on and off in the member dashboard but many options have to be configured separately.

Netflix Compatibility Issues
Unfortunately, Perfect Privacy is not so perfect when it comes to using Netflix and other streaming services.


Perfect Privacy is one of the best VPNs out there, thanks to it offering full anonymity and privacy. The only issue is cost. For prices like this, it’s worth considering whether Perfect Privacy is the right solution for you as there are cheaper solutions available – they may not offer all of the features that Perfect Privacy does, but do you really need them? Outside of this, Perfect Privacy rates very highly and with the added ability to connect unlimited devices at any one time, it’s a diverse and scalable solution.