Antivirus Software

The greatest threat to computing today is the virus. Whether you’re a student scouring the net for sources or a business dealing with international clients, a computer virus can destroy data and steal sensitive information, wreaking havoc on your system. Employing comprehensive antivirus programming will ensure your data and devices remain secure.

Virus Virus Everywhere

A computer virus is any program installed on your device, whether on purpose or unknowingly, that can cause damage to data and perform unauthorized functions. They usually find their way onto your network or system via internet download, email attachment or program installation. Regardless of their source, they often have illicit intentions.

Viruses can have a multitude of effects on your system from the benign to the outright dangerous. Some simply force popups to appear in your internet browser while others function in the background, eating up system resources. More insidious programs will record keystrokes to obtain password info or spread to your contacts via self-sending e-mails to co-workers and friends. Regardless of the impact, no one wants a virus on their device.

Infectious Invasion

While viruses come in many types, there are three main versions that attack computer systems today:

  1. Trojan Programs: These perform hidden operations on your devices, like recording keystrokes and sending messages.
  2. Worms: Self-replicating onto other machines on the network, these programs tunnel into file systems and hog system resources or destroy data
  3. Malware/Spyware: While not technically a virus, these obvious intruders hijack web browsers and force the user onto specific websites and collect personal data.

Some viruses are only programs designed to illustrate a hacker’s or malicious programmer’s expertise. By creating a program that can be hard to detect and wreak havoc on a system, these computer architects showcase how skilled they are in their craft. Other viruses are designed solely for illegal intent and are created only to steal or destroy.

Getting Vaccinated

The best way to combat viruses is by utilizing antivirus software. These programs are designed to search file systems within your device for typical indications of viruses. Every type of virus has specific coding like a footprint, and by examining each file on a drive or network, antivirus software can identify that coding and delete the offending program.

Because searching through a file system is very resource intensive, these operations are normally performed during “down time,” or periods when the device isn’t being used for other purposes. Antivirus programs installed on individual devices are considered agent-based systems, while networks running virtual machines often utilize agentless programs to keep resource usage at a minimum.

Stay Protected

If you believe your network or device has been infected by a virus or you desire to keep your systems safe from intrusion, contact us today. At Super Source GmbH, we know how important cybersecurity is, and we are ready to help you maintain comprehensive system security well into the future.