VIPRE Advanced Security Review

Anyone wanting a firewall and extra protective features on their computer needs VIPRE Advanced Security. This is a paid-for security suite and features an easy-to-navigate home page. You gain easy access to all the features you could possibly need. There are some aspects of this program that make it better suited for advanced users.

Installation and Usage

It is easy to get through installation. The main aspect you have to contend with is getting through the license key screen. It is not explained what you need to do here, but if you only want to try the trial version, then you do not have to enter a key here. The app impresses from the start with a clean, uncluttered aesthetic.

On the main page, you get information on the firewall, updates and the status of your antivirus capabilities. From here, you can schedule a scan. You can go to the Account page to handle the color skins, help and support features, product key and subscription status. You can deal with the Privacy, Firewall, Email, Updates and Antivirus tabs from the Manage page. All of this is reasonably well-designed, but it can become difficult because you cannot resize any of the windows.

After the malware-filled USB drive was installed into a computer with VIPRE Advanced Security, the system handled it well. However, the status reporting had some weaknesses. You get a window pop up that shows you each piece of malware detected. However, you will soon see this information is fairly generic, and it does not provide you with a ton of information.

Security Alerts

You receive a subtle warning when real-time protection gets turned off. The window appears in the Antivirus section of the display window. You can press on Turn On to reactivate it. During the usability check, VIPRE blocks a PUA and malicious file without notifying the user. It does everything subtly without giving any kind of alert.

Points of Interest

Any time you connect a USB drive, VIPRE Advanced Security will prompt you to immediately scan it. No matter what image you have as your desktop background, you can have this system blend in. You have your choice of seven unique color schemes for the program. You can browse these schemed by going to Account. The default coloring is dark gray, but you can change it to white or something that will make the text more legible.

Pros and Cons

Many professionals consider VIPRE to be a top pick for antivirus protection. It comes with a Social Watch feature that protects your computer against online threats. Nothing will sneak by the system, even if you are on social media. It is simple to use, so anyone can get started. You can play games, download other programs and watch videos while the system scans your computer in the background. Through excessive research, experts have found the program does have some problems detecting malware that comes through Chrome