Trend Micro Internet Security Review

With simple overview and clear design, Trend Micro Internet Security provides peace of mind. It is a security suite users pay for, and it comes with numerous beneficial features. Parental controls and a password manager are included, and there are numerous other aspects to take advantage of.

Installation and Usage

It is simple to install Trend Micro Internet Security onto your computer. For all of your pressing questions, you can turn to the well-designed dialog boxes. It is easy to navigate the main window, and it comes with four primary feature buttons:

  • Device, which leads to Protect Another Device, Mute Mode and PC Health Checkup
  • Data, which leads to Cloud Storage Scanner, Password Manager, Vault, Secure Erase and Folder Shield
  • Privacy, which leads to Data Theft Prevention, Pay Guard, Social Networking Protection and Privacy Scanner
  • Family, which leads to Parental Controls

You will find a large Scan button at the middle of the window. From there, you can choose a litany of scanning options. It is well-designed for most users, whether you are a tech wizard or a newbie. In the event you select a feature you want to undo, you can go to Restore Default Settings. This sets everything back to the default settings if you are unhappy with any adjustments you made.

When the system was introduced to a USB drive filled with malware, it took notice immediately. When the malware went to the desktop, the program started detecting malicious programs and cleaning them right away. The whole process took some time because it had to clean everything and send it to the proper destination. By the end, there was no presence of malware.

Security Alerts

You will see a program window appear when you disable real-time protection. It comes with a button labeled Enable Now you can click to reactivate the program. Trend Micro will block any malicious download and provide you with an alert of what the program just did.

Points of Interest

Trend Micro Internet Security has won numerous awards for its ability to keep computers safe and secure. You can safeguard your computer against all web threats and even malware that comes from email. You can stay private even when you visit potentially dangerous websites. This is a great piece of software to install if you want to optimize total performance. You enjoy a higher top speed with this program installed.

Pros and Cons

Trend Micro Internet Security has received incredible scores in the malicious URL-blocking and anti-phishing tests. It hardens your browser, which is a great feature to have when you do a lot of online banking. It also keeps your data secure when you go on social media. One downside is that it is easy for kids to disable the parental controls. You need to keep an eye on your children’s online activity to make sure they are not going behind your back. Additionally, the spam filter only works when you use Outlook.