Tencent PC Manager Review

Tencent PC Manager offers users a clean, modern interface design, making it an excellent addition to anyone’s computer. It is a free antivirus program, and it comes with numerous vital functions that are simple to find and utilize. As you peruse through its capabilities, it may become apparent that this software was designed with advanced users in mind.

Installation and Usage

Installation is a breeze to get through. Once it is running on your computer, a PC Manager window will pop up to offer a quick scan. You click the scan button, and it immediately starts cleaning your computer. It utilizes four AV engines, one from Bitdefender and three from Tencent. You go to the task bar icon to access the primary functions. Everything is simple to navigate because the UI is clean.

Tencent PC Manager does not provide on-access file scanning. When a USB drive filled with malware was connected to a computer, Tencent was able to catch the files and quarantine anything malicious. However, you need to scan the folders manually. Unfortunately, this could potentially make it easy to inadvertently pass malware from one user to the next.

When malware is detected, dialog boxes pop up. These boxes are clean, clear and comprehensive. However, you do not get a detailed explanation for what each feature is. You also do not get much of a warning box on the primary window. It is possible everything would be simpler to navigate if consistent color coding was used.

Security Alerts

When users deactivate real-time protection, an alert will pop up in a window labelled Active Defense/Realtime Shield. To look at the security status, you will need to open this window located in the System Tray icon. You can then select Activate All to turn it back on. Tencent deletes malicious files immediately upon downloading and shows you a warning. This also holds true to malicious URLs.

Points of Interest

As you go through the system’s review process, Tencent will often ask you if you wish to upgrade to the latest version. This ensures you always have the most up-to-date features. It has the biggest security cloud based in the entire world. There is plenty of information on this program available online.

Pros and Cons

With this program, you can analyze specific areas of your computer. Tencent PC Manager permits you to scan certain folders and files. It constantly monitors your computer to help fight off virus attacks.

There are several inconveniences with the system. You cannot resize the quarantine window, which may make it difficult to find if you have a lot of windows open at any given time. There does not appear to be a lot of offline or online assistance if you have a question about your program. Although you know right away when malware is on your computer, the dialog boxes do not provide an incredibly detailed description of what the malware is. You cannot schedule automatic scanning tasks.