Quick Heal Total Security Review

Quick Heal Total Security has all the features you have come to expect from an antivirus program. It is a paid security system with a host of extra features, including parental controls. It is simple to use and effective at detecting malware.

Installation and Usage

Installing Quick Heal Total Security onto your computer is easy, but time-consuming. The reason for this is that it automatically scans your computer to find existing threats. After the installation process, you want to make sure you register your software. You will need to submit your phone number and email address, so you can receive updates promptly.

The main user interface is easy to navigate. You will come across a status panel informing you the system has been secured. There are four buttons that tell you the primary functionalities:

  • Emails
  • Files and Folders
  • Parental Control
  • Internet and Network

When you go to the second page, you will find a panel to check external devices and drives. When you initially install the program, the Parental Control tab may be in red. This means it has not been set up. There is no way to stop it from being in red, even if you do not require the feature.

When the software was introduced to a USB drive filled with malware, it immediately began a scan. It rapidly found each piece of malware and automatically cleaned everything. Some files were left behind, but an additional scan found they were successfully cleaned.

Security Alerts

If you ever disable real-time protection, then you will receive an alert on your home page. You can reactivate the program by selecting Resolve Now. In the event you download a malicious file, Quick Heal Total Security will block the process. It will display an alert telling you of the situation. The same procedure is in place if you download a malicious app.

Points of Interest

There are plenty of great features you get with this software. You get virtual keyboard protection, so hackers cannot steal confidential information by keylogging your computer. It also comes with a silent mode. This suppresses all notifications while you focus on other matters. Activating this feature will not affect your security protocol. Additionally, if your laptop ever gets lost or stolen, you can track it with the TrackMyLaptop feature. This feature is included with every Quick Heal Total Security purchase, so it comes at no additional charge.

Pros and Cons

This program has a great detection rate. It is highly effective at blocking malicious downloads and URLs. It features ransomware protection, and it provides users with an emergency disk and boot time scan. It is highly recommended for those who do a lot of banking on their computer. There are some drawbacks. For instance, it is unusually expensive for an antivirus program. The parental controls are limited and awkward to set up. It featured tepid phishing protection during some basic scans, and the removal of detected malware was incomplete. As long as you can afford the price tag, Quick Heal Total Security is a good addition to your computer.