Avira Antivirus Pro Review


This paid antivirus program includes several components that are not available in the free version of Avira, such as web and mail protection, a USB key warning feature and a VPN program. The redesigned main interface is straightforward and touch-friendly.


Setup is simple. Users do not have to make any options or decisions for a standard installation. Some premium components, such as the password manager, software update feature and Phantom VPN, are not automatically installed.

Security Alerts

Avira Antivirus Pro makes it easy to see which settings are enabled or disabled. If a user disables real-time protection or another essential feature, alerts appear on the status page. A large red banner indicates the computer is not secure and explains why. The icons that represent services also feature „OFF“ and „ON“ indicators to make settings more obvious.

This program blocks malicious file downloads and displays popup and browser window alerts. Alerts identify particular detections and provide users with action options. Avira also blocks potentially unwanted applications by default. This program displays a browser window alert upon encountering security threats online.

Other Points of Interest

  • Program launches to an Avira products overview page.
  • The window that opens during virus scans is titled „Luke Filewalker.“
  • There is no trial version of Avira Antivirus Pro, other than in the Prime package preview.
  • Learn more on the Avira website: https://www.avira.com/en/buy-antivirus.

Usability Report

It is easy to install Avira Antivirus Pro. Average users will appreciate the streamlined process with few decisions. The redesigned main launch window is attractive and easy to use on desktops or touchscreen devices. Other displays in the program have a more conventional Windows appearance and may not be as intuitive as the primary interface.

This paid software provides a wide variety of features, but not all of these options are installed by default. Users may need to manually add the password manager, software update feature and Phantom VPN.

System warning messages appear as dialogue boxes that slide up and down at the bottom right of the screen of a Windows desktop. These boxes cannot be resized to view detailed file path information, which may frustrate more advanced users. The scanning utility opens a second window, and other threat notifications may appear as pop-ups or in browser windows.

An attempt to update the software may result in confusion. Users whose systems run the current release will receive a notification stating that the update attempt was successful even though the version number does not change. The online threat encyclopedia also does not provide information about specific threats. 


  • Redesigned main window is a clean interface that is easy to use
  • Does not open multiple windows other than one for system scans
  • High detection rates for zero day and malware attacks
  • Light system footprint
  • Phantom VPN component included, though not installed by default


  • The free version includes the most useful features, but it does not offer ransomware, web or mail protection
  • Warning message dialogs cannot be resized to view file path information
  • The threat encyclopedia does not contain information about particular malware or viruses