About us

Virus.com is independently owned and operated by Super Source GmbH in Berlin/Germany. All recommendations are based on extensive testing and research.

How does the site make money?

Virus.com is monetized through affiliate commissions to cover the costs of running this site. If you follow through to our affiliate links to download and buy for example an Antivirus subscription, we would be rewarded by a percentage commission in return – without higher costs for you!

Aside from hosting and other fixed costs of running a website, we continuesly invest an enormous amount of time into researching and comparing the software we review on Virus.com

Additionally we maintain our independence by not adding any type of paid reviews or paid rankings. If we are not convinced by a product we will not recommend it and no payment to us could change a negative review!

Who are the people behind Virus.com

Markus Schnermann – Founder / CEO

Virus.com is a project run by Super Source GmbH which has been founded and is owned by Markus Schnermann.

Super Source GmbH owns a premium keyword domain portfolio with domains like Virus.com, NFC.com, Grillen.de and WC.de to name a few. Starting with Virus.com, all of these domains are planned to be developed as marketplaces and premium consumer oriented content sites.

Markus Schnermann has been active in the online industry since 1997 and is bringing lots of experience in consumer goods on- or offline to the table. 

Markus founded several Internet startups (including KeywordDomains.com GmbH, Domain Invest SA) and managed international portfolios with over 100,000 domains, including names like Gartenmoebel.de, Whiskey.com, Ebuy.com, Luxembourg.com, Hosting.co.uk, Onlineschool.com and many more. During this time he was buying and selling Domains in the +$20 Million range and build an reputation as an internationally recognized Domain expert.

Next to his online ventures he cofounded with his younger brother Dirk Schnermann Bolan Home Fashion GmbH, which is a producer of consumer products from Home Textiles over Outdoor and Camping products to Consumer electronics. Clients of Bolan incl. but not limited to: